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Rethinking Design

Rethinking the office space into workspace.

The way we do business is changing for the better. And every day, there’s something new to add to the experience. Technology is expanding our people networks. Wifi is becoming synonymous with air. Meetings are being held in different buildings and across countries on the same screens. We can work anywhere, any time. So it’s only natural that our working environments need to shift too.

That’s why A1 Office exists: to create innovative workspaces that empower culture, foster collaboration and evolve as you grow.

By facilitating the commercial office design, build and commercial fitout process, but also, by integrating the capabilities and technology that businesses need to thrive in an engagement and experience-led world.

Where others see floor space, we see intricate, deliberate workspace experiences. So wherever you’re at and whatever your business size, there’s never been a better time to start rethinking your office. Read more about our innovative and collaborative approach to office interior design and fitout.