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  1. Upcoming trends in office furniture

    Posted: December 31 2017

    When you conduct an office fitout, there is so much to consider. From the floor plan to where partitions will go, all the way through to what colour to make your cupboard handles or which plants will work best on employee desks – the decisions to make seem endless. Keeping up with current trends is an excellent […]

  2. Let Your Work Guide Office Layout and Design

    Posted: December 30 2017

    Here are some tips when thinking about your office layout and design With office layout and design becoming an increasingly important factor for many businesses, your company runs the risk of investing in commercial office fitouts that don’t truly suit your corporate culture. For instance, while open plan offices may be all the rage at tech startups and graphic […]

  3. Microsoft vs Google: Two approaches to the technology-driven office

    Posted: December 29 2017

    At the first mention of a technology company, many will often jump to Microsoft or Google, given that they’re well established household names. For years, these two companies have been at the centre of many technological innovations on the internet, in computing and in a number of other areas. Balance is key when trying to […]

  4. The end of the open-plan office?

    Posted: December 28 2017

    When thinking of the ideal modern office, many will jump straight to one that’s open plan. The tech startups of the world seem to have shown that success lies within an open, airy workplace using modern furniture. After all, what could be better than following the example of Silicon Valley? Google may have got it wrong […]

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