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Let Your Work Guide Office Layout and Design

Here are some tips when thinking about your office layout and design

With office layout and design becoming an increasingly important factor for many businesses, your company runs the risk of investing in commercial office fitouts that don’t truly suit your corporate culture.

For instance, while open plan offices may be all the rage at tech startups and graphic design firms, an accounting or law practice may require the kind of privacy that can only be found in closed plan offices.

Specific desks for employees are a perfect example.

Perhaps you’re a company that has fully embraced the bring your own device (BYOD) trend. BYOD businesses encourage their employees to use personally owned technology such as laptops and tablets at the office to access company projects and information.

Some offices have found this allows greater flexibility for employees to complete their tasks, as they can work on a project from essentially any location outside the office.

In an office like this, a “roaming desk” policy might be a good idea. This involves having numerous desks throughout the office that are open to all employees, as opposed to a standard seating arrangement.

Employees come in, take a seat at whichever desk is open and do their work. If they leave and return to find their desk has been claimed, they can simply move to another desk.

This can drastically impact your office layout and design, giving you a wealth of options for how office space can be arranged.

However, some jobs require personalised space. If your office relies on desktop computers, it will not allow for the same freedom that comes with being able to pick up and take your laptop with you.

Also, jobs that require client interaction call for enclosed, familiarised spaces that will put customers at ease.

The key is figuring out which type of design your office’s work lends itself to.

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