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  1. It’s Halloween, so let’s talk about office space horror stories!

    Posted: January 28 2018

    We’ve all worked in them…the office with the overflowing sink of dishes that can’t make it through one morning tea, let alone a full cleaner-free day. Why hello there, baby mouse! Or how about the workplace where the only bathroom and kitchen was in the boardroom where constant meeting were held? Need lunch or the […]

  2. Is an open plan office the best solution for you?

    Posted: January 27 2018

    Over the last few years open plan offices have become a staple of the modern workforce. The walls have been taken down and the majority of work spaces these days consist of communal tables and shared facilities. Although it’s popular, it may not be the right choice for you or your office. An important part […]

  3. Ergonomic Chairs – no need to sacrifice style

    Posted: January 26 2018

    The word ergonomics can be traced back to 1857 when Wojciech Jastrzebowski used it in a philosophical narrative to describe truths drawn from the science of nature. Jastrzebowski is now heralded as one of the fathers of ergonomics, a field which focuses on striking a balance between comfort and function for humans using physical objects. […]

  4. How Office Design reflects your company

    Posted: January 25 2018

    Office design is of critical importance when you have clients and visitors coming into your workspace regularly. Your office is essentially a marketing tool, and can be extremely powerful in conveying your brand’s values and message to those who walk in the door. What do you want to say? The grand office: An office with […]

  5. 3 Advantages to Bringing the Gym into the Office

    Posted: January 24 2018

    Doing five reps of leaning back in your chair and two typing sets just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? As has been well documented, such as by scientists from Leicester and Loughborough Universities, sitting down for extended periods of time does the body no good. Instead, we need to move around […]

  6. How Minimalism Can Save You Time and Money

    Posted: January 23 2018

    From wristwatches to shoes to chocolate wrappers, minimalism is all the rage these days – and it’s no exception when it comes to office layout and design. Minimalism has been a major art movement since at least as far back as the 1960s, which is around the same time that minimalist work spaces began to […]

  7. The natural world: Is there a benefit to plants in the office?

    Posted: January 22 2018

    Edward O. Wilson once said that humans seek out connections with nature as well as other forms of life. While homes are often surrounded by plant life, there may also be advantages in the office. Take a look at a modern office and there’s a high chance you’ll find some form of greenery, as businesses […]

  8. The importance of colour in your fitout

    Posted: January 21 2018

    Anyone who has considered a commercial office fitout will understand the difficulties that go along with the process. It’s necessary to think about what employees like about the current environment, what they dislike, and even the new types of furniture available to rejuvenate an older office. One of the most important factors, however, is colour. […]

  9. How to plan for growth

    Posted: January 20 2018

    How to plan for growth Understanding how to manage growth is one of the most complex problems faced by business owners today. As organisations get bigger and expand, there are a variety of different problems that can arise. Here are a number of things that businesses can do as their business and team grows. 1. […]

  10. Retrofitting existing offices

    Posted: January 19 2018

    It’s not often that an office will see a total refurbishment. These spaces are usually built to a tight set of requirements (including budget), and the business will likely be reluctant to introduce any substantial change. It’s time to change this way of thinking, as retrofitting an office can be a boon for staff productivity, […]

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