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Booth Seating – why your office space should have one

When you think of booth seating you probably think of vinyl clad booths in greasy American-style diners. Booth seating has come a long way since its diner days and now provides a versatile and stylish office seating option.

The great thing about booth seating is its adaptability. It can be used as a breakaway space where premises don’t have the luxury of extensive square metres, or it can be used in reception areas to create a statement waiting zone. Our A1 Office booth seating even has acoustic softening qualities which makes it an excellent meeting room alternative and creative area for informal sessions.

When considering an office space and its intended purpose, it is important to find furniture solutions that will maximise the productivity of its users. Booth seating is a flexible and highly customisable option that works well for a multitude of purposes in spaces of varying dimensions.

Collaboration – booth seating as a creative space

Collaboration is an increasingly popular term when it comes to the inner workings of businesses. Collaboration between departments, as well as with clients requires open and creative spaces. Booth seating provides a space for such creative thinking that challenges the traditional boardroom or meeting room setup.

A key ingredient needed in any meeting space is comfort. A1 Office understands that creating a stylish setup shouldn’t sacrifice comfort or usability so our range of booth seating is all made with high quality memory foam. Booth seating can also be considered multi use, it’s not bolted down so can be moved around the office to serve where it’s most needed.

A1 Office’s booth seating system offers maximum flexibility as it makes use of a modular system that can cater for anything from one to over ten people. Get in touch today to talk to an expert consultant about how booth seating could work for you and enhance your office design.

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