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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Glass Walls for Your Office Fitout

Glass walls may conjure up images of post-modern high rises or art gallery spaces, but there’s no reason your business can’t make use of this beneficial office interior design.

Let the sun shine in

It’s no secret that office workers want more light in their lives. Nothing can bring down morale faster than a dark, dank office space. However, it’s not always possible to arrange office seating in a way where every employee has access to a window.

Glass walls can fix this problem by allowing the outside light to stream in throughout the entire office without old-fashioned plaster walls getting in the way.

Create the illusion of space

Smaller offices can particularly benefit from glass walls, as they can create the illusion of more space. Without standard walls cutting your office into cramped sections, glass walls will make your space appear larger and airier.

Save on energy

With glass walls helping to let more sunlight into your office, you have the chance to reduce your energy bills when it comes to lighting and heating. Not only is this great for your bottom line, it also reduces your office’s carbon footprint and benefits the environment.

Increase accountability

No one wants to think of their employees as goofing off when they should be working, or, worse yet, engaged in illegal activities like theft.

Glass walls can reduce the likelihood of these issues popping up by creating a space where it’s harder to hide. While workers can still get the benefits of sound privacy, increased visibility will discourage unproductive and unlawful actions.

Get creative

Glass walls serve other practical purposes, including providing employees with a note-taking surface. Instead of buying white boards or notebooks, simply invest in some washable markers that can be used to write important information on the walls!

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