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Easy Ways To Refresh Your Office Space

It is not always feasible to complete a full office fitout every 2 years, but it is important to maintain a fresh look and feel without compromising the functionality and productivity of the office environment for your team. If some time has passed since your last office fitout and you’re not quite ready to do it all again, there are easy ways to keep your office looking and feeling fresh between fitouts.

Refreshing your office space is a great way to keep workers motivated, clients interested and everyone smiling at the same time. Money and time are the major limiting factors when it comes to office renovations, but often a full renovation isn’t required to bring a new atmosphere to the office. A few small, but considered, changes can be all that’s needed to rejuvenate and update a space.

Using Plants

A fresh and seasonal selection of foliage goes a long way in brightening up a tired office. Plants placed throughout the office bring the outside in and create a feeling of openness and life. Plants have been to shown to increase employee wellness and productivity so it’s no surprise that greener offices are happier offices.

New Lighting

Illuminating spaces that were previously in the dark can create new functional areas and diversify the purpose of your office floor. Adding natural light can be a great way to add liveliness into an office but it’s not always an easy option. Introducing new light fixtures can often do the trick as can upgrading your light bulbs to emit a different tone or intensity of light.


Introducing new accessories is a simple and cost-effective way to inject some new life into an office space. These can range from a table-tennis table to some new cushions. Finishing touches like these send a message to both staff and clients and shouldn’t be overlooked as important features of office design.

A full on furniture overhaul is a big undertaking and obviously can’t be done too often due to the financial side of renovating and the interruption to work. Therefore, adding in some new accessories or a fresh lick of paint can be a great way to keep things interesting in the in between phases. Low effort and high-impact design choices can revitalise staff and send a fresh message to clients and visitors.

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