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Taking breaks can maximise your productivity

It may not be very intuitive, but taking regular breaks during the work day can actually increase your productivity. However, while taking a moment to stare out a window can be a great way to quickly rest your eyes, the best way to return to peak performance is to take a step back. Literally.

Are breaks really that important?
According to a recent survey of 200 office workers, more than 85% of people believe that taking frequent breaks during the day would make them more productive. More than half thought regular breaks would improve their overall happiness and mood, both at work and overall, and 37% said it would improve their health. Having a space to talk socially with colleagues also encourages productivity and fosters collaboration and creativity.

So, how can you encourage breaks in your workplace?
Well, the best solution is to create purpose built spaces for your team to take a break, this could be a breakout area for groups or a quite area for individuals to take a moment to themselves. These areas should be specifically designed to create a space for employees to relax and unwind. Beyond asking people to take breaks, just having a break room actually encourages people to use it.

How to create the perfect breakout space
If you decide to create a breakout space, there are a few things you can do to make it as effective as possible.

A well-designed kitchenette with a coffee machine can help perk people up and help them focus throughout the day. It also speaks to the brand and culture of an office.
Communal eating areas with natural light encourages employees to collaborate and helps promote team building.
The colours of a space have a dramatic effect on moods and brain function. Studies have shown that certain colours can elicit both a physical and emotional responses from people, therefore it is important to have a careful and considered approach when choosing the decor colour scheme in your office.
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