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Deciding on the Right Office Decor

Our tips on what to consider when deciding on the right office decor for your workspace.

When we think of the workplace, we tend to prioritise certain principles: efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness, just to name a few. How many of us would make attractiveness part of this list?

However, an appealing office decor is just as important as these other, more traditional elements. Getting it right is key to the success of your workplace.

What’s the difference between office decor and office design?

Decor is one element of office design, which tends to refer to the overall look and feel of an office space. Office decor is specifically the way that a work space is decorated, furnished and laid out – the visual elements of an office designed with aesthetic value in mind. It includes a range of elements: Carpeting, office furniture, the colour scheme, even the plant life.

Are there any benefits to having a quality office decor?

There are many. The office decor is a great way to integrate your branding into the physical space you occupy, perhaps by using your company colours for your colour scheme or maybe including a feature wall or two.

An attractive office decor also has proven benefits for workplace productivity and satisfaction. Studies conducted by the University of Exeter’s School of Psychology in 2010 found that workers were 17 per cent more productive in office spaces decorated with plants and pictures, for example.

Which style of office decor should I go with?

There’s no one, pre-arranged style that works for every office. Each office fitout has its own particular style needs. For example, a law firm might go for something more sober and muted than a work space in a creative industry.

Isn’t office decor terribly expensive?

Office decor is what you make of it. There is a variety of office decor solutions that can make a workspace as attractive as possible without going overboard in terms of cost. A top-quality design firm like A1 Office can help construct a visually appealing space while also keeping within your budget.

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