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Is there a benefit to integrating technology in the office?

Beginning a commercial office fitout is a pretty significant undertaking, and the process will often differ depending on the business. In most cases, the process starts by identifying aspects of the office that need to change, and then deciding upon better alternatives.

Given the challenges many businesses are currently facing with regards to employee productivity, engagement and satisfaction, it could be time to take a look at an ever-evolving solution: Technology.

Within the context of the office, technology can be a powerful way to facilitate better collaboration among staff, ensure they remain engaged and satisfied, and prevent high turnover. You only have to look at some of the world’s largest tech companies to see that they’re doing something right.

The challenges of modern business, and the solutions

According to a study from Cisco Canada, only 13 per cent of employees spread across 142 countries are currently engaged in their work. Disengagement spreads, and companies with these uninterested workers can see turnover that’s 30 to 50 per cent higher than other businesses.

Technology is a solution here, and in many cases its integration in the office will be as important as choosing the office furniture and other decor.

Take Facebook, for example. The social networking giant has a headquarters without dividers, and employees are able to communicate freely while working. High ceilings let in a substantial amount of light. On the technology front, the business uses computers for both work and play, allowing staff to play video games as a time out.

Bettering collaboration

One of the key benefits of technology integration lies with improvements to collaboration. What’s more, it’s becoming necessary. In the aforementioned Cisco Canada study, the organisation found that around a third of employees in both private and public sectors are working remotely at any given moment.

This is an indicator of a larger shift that’s happening in the business world. Technology essentially removes the need for many staff to be physically present in the office, and adaptation is required. By putting video conferencing solutions in place in meeting rooms, it’s easy for onsite workers to connect with their colleagues in other locations.

Mobile devices can also play an important role here, by making it easy to get on a call with other members of the team. It’s important that the design of the office supports this by allowing staff to easily use these devices while at work.

It’s a powerful way to improve learning

The University of Washington noted that teaching with technology can be a substantial adjustment, and it’s often a good one. By connecting tablets to projectors, taking advantage of presentation software and using smart phones to conduct polls, businesses can easily bring innovation to the learning process.

In turn, this makes it easy to teach workers or conduct training sessions, as there’s a bevvy of powerful technologies available directly in the office for workers to utilise.

Retaining valuable employees

Perhaps most importantly, technology can play an important role in workplace satisfaction, which in turn can lead to better retention. Every company will understand just how important this is.

This will be particularly noticeable with new generations of workers, such as millennials. When companies allow staff to work using their own technology, and technology provided by the business, they’ve got a higher chance of remaining engaged and satisfied. The office fitout needs to facilitate use of these new technologies.

Aside from the technologies that benefit collaboration, Microsoft took another look at their usefulness. By introducing more accessible technology, which often helps with learning and visual aid, any impairments won’t stop staff from working.

It’s clear that beyond there being simply a benefit to office technology integration, there’s a need to do so. By taking advantage of powerful new technologies, businesses will see improved staff retention, as well as productivity and collaboration benefits.

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