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Why you should think about going modular

We’ve talked at length about the need to create a commercial office design that suits the needs of your employees. It’s no good creating a series of private cubicles for a workspace that needs constant collaboration, just as those who make client calls regularly may not benefit as much from an open-plan office fitout.

Striking a balance is key – but what if you could have your cake and eat it? Modular office design offers a fascinating alternative to a single set design, and it could be the key you need to unlock extra productivity in your small to medium enterprise.

You’ll save time and money

One of the greatest benefits of modular design is that it can be pre-packaged and installed in your office fitout. This means less time during the construction phase, which is ideal when you want to get your business up and running as soon as possible.

Modular office designs are created to be easily set up in-office as well. This ease of transition means that temporary spaces of an office – for example, a new desk area for people visiting from a different branch – can be done with ease. The less time you spend furnishing and developing your office layout and design, the faster you and your employees can return to work – that’s the convenience offered by modular design.

Flexibility of location

If you run a company that operates out of many different sites, sometimes for short periods of time, then modular design is an ideal option for the office fitout. For example: The Department of Finance has noted that modular systems design has enabled Centrelink to implement particular services as Medicare Australia facades.

Whether you want to use a temporary lease in a high-traffic area or just have the ability to expand to a new location at a moments notice, perhaps for a one-off conference, consider modular design for your office layout.

You’re ready for growth

According to research from IBISWorld, many SMEs thrive in a certain market because of low barriers to entry, and a lack of big players in the market. This means many small businesses are up against each other, and can grow quickly – albeit on a small scale.

Being prepared for your business’ growth can be made easier with the use of modular office design. The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has noted that the WA government thinks the ideal size for office layout and design is based on a modular plan, as it enables companies to be better prepared and more adaptable for when the needs of your business change.

The GBCA also suggested making sure your office furniture matches up with your modular design – keep that in mind when you’re selecting your seating, desks and cabinets.

You don’t have to face city restrictions

New Zealand’s build Magazine points out that a lot of office fitout work can be hampered by on-site construction clashing with noise level restrictions, or simply a lack of space to effectively complete the work to a high standard.

With modular design in your commercial office fitout, everything can be constructed off-site. This means less hassle with permits and approvals for work done right where you want your office to be, which can make for a much faster process, reducing the time it takes to get your business underway.

When you want to make sure you maximise productivity among your employees, get in touch with us here at A1 Office. From custom built designs to modular ideas, we have extensive experience helping a number of different industries get new spaces that reflect their brand, their future and their drive to succeed.

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