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How to plan for growth

How to plan for growth

Understanding how to manage growth is one of the most complex problems faced by business owners today. As organisations get bigger and expand, there are a variety of different problems that can arise. Here are a number of things that businesses can do as their business and team grows.

1. Have a plan

The first step to ensuring seamless growth is simple: plan ahead. Things that are as simple as the location of your office – the parking, accessibility to public transport, location of nearby shops and cafes – can have an enormous impact on the years to come. Work out what your business will need in terms of physical requirements, and utilise any existing data to project future levels of growth moving forward.

2. Map out the space

Once you have an idea of how much your business is going to grow into the future, it is critical to map out how you will intend to accommodate for the extra people in the office, including the design of an optimal floorplan. In order to create a more collaborative environment, many offices are opting for open-plan environments. However cubicles or individual offices could also work best for your business. In fact, with a growing trend of employees working from home, it could potentially be beneficial to cater for a minimal number of desks.

3. The big picture

Perhaps the most important part of planning towards the future is working out which areas of the business to prioritise. Not everything can happen at once and it is crucial to do the things that are most important. Create facilities that are user-friendly for existing staff but will be malleable should things change in the future. Rectify any existing problems before creating space for employees that haven’t even been hired. Look outside your business premises, is it time to move? See the big picture for the future but be practical in the way you go about getting there.

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