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The importance of colour in your fitout

Anyone who has considered a commercial office fitout will understand the difficulties that go along with the process. It’s necessary to think about what employees like about the current environment, what they dislike, and even the new types of furniture available to rejuvenate an older office.

One of the most important factors, however, is colour. This means the actual colour of walls and furniture within the office space itself. Colour can help to change perception of temperature, spark creativity and even influence emotions.

Who’s doing it right?

There’s one company that seems to value colour more than any other, and that’s the business with a few colours directly in the logo: Google. This massive internet giant, with a logo that includes, red, blue, green and yellow, has a substantial office complex called the ‘Googleplex’ that’s home to a rainbow of colours.

Upon first visiting the complex, umbrellas in the Google colours stand outside as a way of showing that it’s not just another tech company inside. Bikes available for free (to get around easily) are also given a coat of the Google colour scheme. The Android campus, on the other hand, has an array of colourful Android mascots spread around the lawn outside.

Inside, the primary Google colours can be seen everywhere. Blue walls are common, as are chairs, stairs and lights that demonstrate the scheme. This approach extends throughout the campus, and even around the world to the Google offices based in Australia and New Zealand.

Colour plays an important role in the Google office, as it can for a number of other businesses. Firstly, it brightens up the interior of offices for employees, which in turn allows them to focus without the depressing gray and white colour schemes often seen in older offices. Secondly, it’s a powerful way to reinforce the company brand and the culture.

So, what colours are important for an office when planning a fitout? There are actually quite a few.

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The colours that matter

Businesses can’t simply start painting walls with various colours, any fitout requires more thought. In fact, colour is so important that it even needs to be considered during a warehouse redesign.

Environmental psychologist Sally Augustin explained to Forbes that the colour of a wall can change how a person perceives temperature. Blues and greens are a way to make people think a room is colder, while yellows and reds have the opposite effect.

Similarly, colours can be used to evoke emotional responses, which is something to be wary of when planning the new design for an office. These will be dependant on the person, especially if someone has a memory of a particular colour. Of course, colours will still have a general impact on employees.

Green, for example, is one way to push creativity, as according to Augustin, “There seems to be a positive association between nature and regrowth.”

Pink, on the other hand, is a calming colour that could be useful to de-stress employees. InformeDesign pointed to a Schauss study from 1979 that found when a prison was painted pink, inmates exhibited less aggressive characteristics. While staff certainly aren’t inmates, the effect remains.

So what does white do in an office? Not much. In fact, it can lead to boredom as staff are more likely to focus on their own thoughts.

It’s easy to see how colour can play such a large role in the office. After all, it’s something home owners spend countless hours agonising over before remodelling.

It’s usually a good idea to carry out an office fitout with a capable provider, as they’re able to design a space that works for the business. These experts are also adept at making design decisions like choosing the right colour. Speak to A1 Office to learn more about the changing office space, and why an update could be in order.

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