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The natural world: Is there a benefit to plants in the office?

Edward O. Wilson once said that humans seek out connections with nature as well as other forms of life. While homes are often surrounded by plant life, there may also be advantages in the office.

Take a look at a modern office and there’s a high chance you’ll find some form of greenery, as businesses choose to incorporate trees, shrubbery, flowers and vines throughout. While these companies are certainly left with a natural space, are there any real benefits?

This piece will take a look at why a new office fitout should take plant life into account.

Plants are great for employee wellness

Healthy employees are productive employees, and this is a primary reason why companies choose to focus on providing such elaborate facilities to keep workers engaged. Take Google, for example. The company provides exercise equipment, many food choices and relaxing spaces. This isn’t to mention the trees and plants located around the campuses.

A study from Washington State University found that people working in a space with plants were less stressed, more attentive and were more productive.

They can improve the company image

In competitive markets, any edge over the competition must be taken into account. While many businesses turn to new technologies to improve staff productivity, incorporating plants could help to create a more environmentally friendly image among customers and clients.

Ambius found plants offer customers (and staff) a visually enhanced perception of the space. The organisation also noted that an office with greenery will convey a positive brand image to visitors.

Incorporating plants

Plants are obviously different than office furniture, and businesses need to consider where greenery will be most effective. Among employees is a good starting point, providing a relaxing alternative to the technology and usual office fare. Reception areas and client meeting rooms can also benefit from plants, helping promote the green image of the business.

The Office of Sustainability suggested every office worker should have one plant in their breathing space. Plants like English Ivy, the Peace lily and Spider plant were all noted as those with the strongest air purification. In terms of the plants that require little maintenance, Golden Pothos, Philodendron, the Spider plant and English Ivy were the strongest contenders.

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