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3 Advantages to Bringing the Gym into the Office

Doing five reps of leaning back in your chair and two typing sets just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

As has been well documented, such as by scientists from Leicester and Loughborough Universities, sitting down for extended periods of time does the body no good. Instead, we need to move around and exercise, not just to keep that blood circulating, but to keep our joints, bones and muscles strong well into the future. Exercise can also help reduce the risk of things like diabetes and heart disease.

More and more commercial office designs are including a gym for this and other reasons. And they’re finding there are a number of other key benefits besides simply keeping your workers trim and healthy.

Increase productivity

We’re all familiar with the boost exercise can give us during the day. Exercising successfully sends endorphins to the brain, making us feel better about ourselves, as well as our surroundings. This can be particularly crucial in the context of work – it’ll help relieve work-related stress, as well as give employees that much-needed lift just about lunchtime.

Boost morale

Having a gym in the office is a huge thing for company morale, not just because of those endorphins that have the potential to be zooming around through employees, but for other reasons, too. Many workers tend to go to the gym after work hours in any case, but find it is inconvenient and excessively time-consuming due to the commute. It can also be very expensive.

Having an in-house one is thus a huge benefit for employees, and in turn makes it easier for you to find new workers who want to join you – as well as hold on to the workers you’ve got.


The potential for different types of office fitouts to create a sense of camaraderie has been well-documented, and an office gym is no different. At the workplace, people can easily find partners to go to the gym, whether just to bond or if they need someone to spot them.

This will create a more intimate, friendly work environment, and allows employees some breathing room in which to blow off steam together.

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