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How Office Design reflects your company

Office design is of critical importance when you have clients and visitors coming into your workspace regularly. Your office is essentially a marketing tool, and can be extremely powerful in conveying your brand’s values and message to those who walk in the door.

What do you want to say?
The grand office: An office with the finest details, high ceilings, oak furniture, leather chairs and gilded embellishments imparts a sense of authority and traditionalism about your business. These feelings are translated by visitors into an understanding of how your business operates.

The open-plan modernist: Think exposed brick walls, industrial fittings, communal tables and coffee machines. This is a very modern approach and one associated with big progressive companies like Google and Airbnb. With this look, you are sending a message of collaboration and open-mindedness.

The private study: Perhaps you have clients that require confidentiality and strict professionalism. Here you’ll want a secure room, no glass and no open walls. Think wood panelling, soundproofing and secure doors. It’s important to acknowledge your business’ methods of client handling in the meeting space design.

Small touches can make a big difference
An impression is made as soon as someone walks in the door. So as well as considering the tone and layout of your overall office design, it’s important to think about the little things too.

Do you want to have a receptionist that greets people as they walk in? Is there a convenient waiting area for visitors before they head into the meeting space? Even things like fresh flowers go a long way in creating a professional and friendly office atmosphere that transmits positivity and a welcoming feel.

When considering your office design remember to factor in your brand’s values and message in order to communicate it through your space. Talking to an expert office design and fitout consultant can help to translate your brand through your office design.

At A1 Office, we believe that no one office is the same, just like the clients we work with everyday have a different vision of what they want their office to represent. That’s why we create custom solutions, talk to us today to find out more.

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