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Office Fitouts.

Is an open plan office the best solution for you?

Over the last few years open plan offices have become a staple of the modern workforce. The walls have been taken down and the majority of work spaces these days consist of communal tables and shared facilities. Although it’s popular, it may not be the right choice for you or your office. An important part of deciding your office layout is setting out what you want to achieve from the space, and examining the pros and cons of open plan.

Cutting costs and promoting collaboration
The obvious benefit of open plan is increased collaboration. No need to go and knock on your colleague’s door and hope they are open for customers, as you’re all in one big room that fosters one big conversation.

As well as improving communications, an open plan office design can also seriously cut down on costs. Everybody working in one room means reduced spending on equipment and installations.

Does privacy equal productivity?
Although open plan fosters creativity and communication, there is an argument that it dampens productivity. Sometimes, employees simply need to get their head down and work in some peace and quiet. The more open an office is, the more room for distraction.

A recent global study about office arrangements (10,000 workers surveyed) revealed that 95% of employees wanted more privacy at work, and 85% felt negatively about their offices open plan design.

Is flexibility the answer?
When considering the best office design for you, it doesn’t have to be so black and white. The key to a productive office that promotes wellness is flexibility. Your space may be predominantly open plan but perhaps you could integrate some private breakout spaces for individual work or important phone-calls.

Employing an Activity Based Working (ABW) methodology is a great way to break up an open plan space. As offices have moved away from traditional desk ownership towards hot-desking, ABW has become a popular feature of modern office design. Staff decide where to work based on their tasks leading to efficiency and productivity.

If you are considering an open-plan office, have a chat with one of our Consultants today. We can find the office design solution that best suits you.

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