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Office Fitouts.

It’s Halloween, so let’s talk about office space horror stories!

We’ve all worked in them…the office with the overflowing sink of dishes that can’t make it through one morning tea, let alone a full cleaner-free day. Why hello there, baby mouse!

Or how about the workplace where the only bathroom and kitchen was in the boardroom where constant meeting were held? Need lunch or the toilet? Not for the next three hours, you don’t!

Turning to safety – the old spaghetti cords across the main office floor hooking up device after device should also strike fear into the minds of any responsible employee or business owner.

We’re there for hours a day, so a poorly designed or fitted-out office – no matter how small the offence may seem – can quickly become the stuff of staff nightmares.

What’s your office space horror story? We’d love to find out!

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