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Employee efficiency and office space

Office design can have a significant impact on efficiency in the workplace. In the October 2014 edition of the Leesman Review, more than half of the 64,062 people surveyed agreed that the right design of a workspace can enable them to work productively. On top of this, an Australian government My Workforce white paper recently noted that SMEs struggle with labour productivity compared to larger businesses (200 or more employees), due to there being less capital per worker.

So with this in mind, how can your office design be altered to improve motivation in the workplace?

Embrace technology and innovation

“SMEs are often overlooked as a source of innovation in this country,” said Pip Marlow, Managing Director of Microsoft Australia in a 2014 media statement.

“However, they develop more than one third of Australia’s gross domestic product and account for more than half of private sector employment. Previous research has shown these businesses are less risk-averse than large companies, giving them a greater willingness and cultural capacity to innovate.”

One part of moving toward innovation is welcoming and adapting to the increased focus on the internet and other web-based technology, according to the My Workforce report. This is an area where office design can become important. Developing workstations that are comfortable and enable people to feel at ease and focused while performing tasks in this computer-based environment could be one way of fostering innovation and productivity in the workplace.

Additionally, standing desks could form an important part of embracing tech culture, by allowing people to stretch out and still feel relaxed without confining them to one particular space. Different offices will have different needs, and it is important to work with an office fitout company that will provide multiple solutions in workspace design and office furniture that can enhance innovation and motivation in the workplace.

Better results through coworking

According to Time Magazine, the average office space in America is shrinking. As Australia’s property prices rise, what SMEs can afford may result in a similar situation. This can cause problems of confinement and other issues which can be addressed through the appropriate type of office design, including a move towards coworking spaces. Highlighted in the Gensler 2015 Design Outlook, coworking spaces are a not just a result of shrinking office space, but an adaptive use of the office that is designed to increase productivity.

It allows for more collaborative work between specific pairings, which the Gensler report states is a great move for companies with an increasing Millennial workforce and a burgeoning creative sector. While particularly relevant to the professional services sector, it is something that could be adapted by many businesses with a need to maximise productivity while using a smaller space.

This means design that maximises face-to-face interaction with colleagues and work stations set up to be used by two people in collaboration, invoking spontaneity and productivity through teamwork and the aforementioned focus on technology.

Make the most of your space

It is no secret that Australia’s real estate prices are on the rise and as Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson noted in a February 18 media release, the growth rate for Australia’s workforce in 2014 was more than three times what it was in 2013. This means more people in more jobs, as it becomes more difficult to get a hold on the appropriate office space. However, construction in the commercial sector is booming, according to the Knight Frank 2015 report on Australia’s office real estate.

This likely means more options for a commercial office fitout, and ample opportunities to optimise your work space for productivity and motivation among employees. By considering all options for office design and working with a fitout company which has extensive experience boosting motivation through great design, an improved bottom line can be just around the corner.

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