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How to design the perfect waiting area

Whether your business is in the medical, accounting, real estate or theatre industry, client interaction is a part of the process. A lot of the time, this will involve hosting meetings at your own offices – and subsequent waiting periods. This is where the correct design of a waiting area can pay dividends, and create a positive impression for people from the moment they walk in the door.

We can’t always run our schedules exactly to time, but by taking the correct care and attention with a waiting room during a commercial office fitout, client communications and patient outlook can be vastly improved.

Ditch the screens

In 2008 research from A.J. Ragonesi and J.R. Antick found that people watching the news experienced significant reductions in joy levels and higher levels of stress. While it is a common practice to have screens displaying the news in waiting rooms areas, it may be worth considering the impact it has on clients or patients.

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