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Greige, biophilic and contained colour pops: Welcome to 2018’s top office design trends

Crayola brights and gelato-inspired pastels…whoever said work wasn’t meant to be fun clearly wasn’t thinking about being in the office in 2018.

The trends are in, and according to A1 Office Design Director Dana Moussaoui, the New Year could just signal a workplace colour splash unlike you’ve seen before.

The rise of workshop industrial has peaked, and 2018 is all about introducing the right pop of colour mixed with the right hint of nature to give your workplace the on-trend feel.

The Pantone Color Institute sets the worldwide benchmark for seasonal swatches as part of their recently released Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report.

We’ve taken the report, mixed it with our current on-the-ground experience, and created the following trends that we predict are soon to be coming to a workplace near you:

#1: Highlighting the little things…literally
Introducing hints of bright colours to small features is something we’re likely to see more of. Think highlighter yellow door jambs, spots of sunset-coloured skirting and more. These small flourishes are entirely achievable without too much time or investment. Our recent A1 Office delivery for Compass Medical Group is a great example of the neon effect.

#2: The rise of the patterned wall covering
The days of the single colour feature wall are over and the golden age of the big, bold patterned wall covering has arrived. Think florals, visual brand stories, larger-than-life art.

#3: Jewel-toned furnishings
No, this doesn’t have to mean velvet (however this actually is the IT fabric this season), but yes, it does have to mean vibrant. Emerald green and royal purple plush coverings are on the march to a workplace near you.

#4: Greige flooring
Greige most definitely is the new buzzword in flooring, and we think you get what it is (just in case…grey + beige = greige). Greige works exceptionally well with the colour pops, being versatile enough for even the most daring colour combination. You’ll see this more and more in new office deliveries.

#5: More biophilic design
These are buildings and spaces designed to connect people with nature and are much more than just a few vertical gardens. Inspiration is pulled from the natural world to inspire spaces that really connect. This includes the rise of natural geometries (think unorthodox curves), atriums and an emphasis on natural light. A perfect accompaniment to the 2018 office colour party!

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