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Selecting the right art for your office

From brightening the walls to telling your company story or inspiring staff, office art plays an enormous role in creating the right workspace for you.

With floor-to-ceiling motivational quotes, corner-to-corner wall-scapes or carefully placed professional works, the opportunities for office artwork are endless.

But what’s the best kind of art for your workspace? A1 Office Design Team shares their advice for getting art right across different types of workspaces.

The corporate canvas

When it comes to professional service businesses, such as finance or real estate, great art choices can be rather unexpected. Pop art, large sculptures and bursts of colour are a great way for those in the finance trades to express their personalities whilst keeping a professional culture. Steering clear of abstract works in common areas can work well for larger offices with many employees – all with different tastes. Playing a little safer in the kitchen is key, and best to steer away from the more risqué works.

Start-up style

Contemporary art is a great fit for the forward-looking, fast-paced nature of the start-up world, but sometimes the price tag attached to quality contemporary works isn’t ideal for the start-up wallet. If that’s the case, art rental could be for you.

Collaborative culture

If you pride yourself on having a strong employee culture, then a democratic vote could work well in your workplace. Research by Exeter University in the UK found that involving employees in office decoration and design decisions improves health, happiness and productivity. Find a few examples of art and hold a poll where majority wins.

The colleague/client mix

Have a front of shop, a back of house or everything all mixed in together? Selecting the best art here can be a challenge, taking into account behind-the-scenes office culture and mixing it with the impression you want to leave on clients. But there is a way to blend the best of both. Look towards your ideal client for inspiration when it comes to art style, then select (or create) works that are sprinkled with your brand – from using your corporate colours, to spotlighting words called out from your company values, vision and mission.

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