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Taking travel inspiration into your office

When you of think combining work and travel, you may come up with an image of a snow globe from Edinburgh now acting as a paperweight on your desk. Or perhaps a series of year-old postcards stuck to your window that are ever elusive of the recycle bin?

Souvenirs aside, travel can provide real and lasting inspiration for any workspace design and fit-out.

A1 Office Design Director, Dana Moussaoui used her travels to Prague as the inspiration behind the custom-blown, pink-infused lights we created for Compass Medical Group earlier this year.

See our Czech-inspired lighting here.

Far-flung places can be easily captured in everything from workspace art, fixtures, furniture, kitchen supplies and everything in between.

In moments of stress and looming deadlines, these travel artifacts can create a slice of solace for staff, acting as sub-conscious reminders of broader perspectives and positive memories. In better times, they remind us of the broader possibilities ahead.

Here are our top tips for blending work and travel without transforming your workspace into a theme party.

1) Cityscapes on canvas

Prints and original water colours of city skylines offer a sophisticated twist to the amateur travel photo and are a great way of combining happy memories with style.

2) Tea, please!
Long-lasting non-perishables like tea and condiments in sophisticated packaging and purchased on your travels are great presents for colleagues. They’re also wonderful additions to corporate kitchens.

3) Create an office Travel Tree

You know those multi-directional signs that tell you the distances to destinations right across the world? You can use this concept to create your own office travel tree, where staff can add new signs based on where they travel, while they are working with you. Set your design guidelines and turn the signs over to your staff. A great way to please everyone!

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