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Working Well Part 2: Focus on innovation

This is the second piece in our series on the International WELL Standard – where buildings right around the world are being built and fitted-out to optimise health and wellbeing.

To gain WELL certification, the developments have all been given the tick against the International Well Building Institute’s eight standards spanning air, light, mind, water, fitness, innovation, nourishment and comfort.

The Innovation feature of the WELL standard is looking for buildings that provide for health and wellness in a novel way. It’s seeking out considered and deliberate design solutions of the rare or non-existent variety.

Innovation is often the friend of every design and construct business, and that’s certainly true of A1 Office.

It was at the core of our delivery for Travel Stream, a vibrant travel agency with a mission for its retail space to capture the excitement and awe of travel.

Set in an indoor shopping centre, our novel approach to providing light resulted in a space loved by employees and customers alike.

Our custom booth seating solution in the entrance provides access to parallel light, with the rounded corners evoking relaxation – a perfect offset to the geometric floor-to-ceiling gateway.

Entirely imagined by A1 Office, the resulting juxtaposition has provided the right atmosphere for Travel Stream staff and customers to feel inspired and excited.

Want to find out more about innovation in design to inspire your workforce to become healthier and happier? Contact A1 Office today.

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