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Storage Solutions.

Looking for a workspace storage solution? Check out these recent A1 Office deliveries

Office storage space has to be among the most frequent conversation topics in any workplace.

Not enough storage, cabinets taking up too much space, who has access to what storage…these are all common topics among employees the world over.

Here are some A1 Office storage solutions ready to suit any growing or changing office!

Create signature storage

Our project delivery for real estate leader Cameron proved that practical storage solutions can act as gateways to superior workspace design.

Custom crafted cupboards topped with in-built planter boxes made by our in-house joinery team lead the way into the main workspace – perfectly integrating functional storage with standout design.

See our Cameron delivery here

Treat cupboards like canvas

Most workspaces put careful thought into selecting art, paint and coverings for their walls – but what about cupboards? They’re just as visual and are often after-thoughts when it comes to creating beautiful workspaces.

Employees will see vertical cupboards as often as they see your wall art, so invest time in cupboard design that complements your space. Our custom cupboards for Compass Medical were a perfect match for their benches, giving rise to a flowing and calming design, while being a hugely practical storage solution.

See our Compass Medical delivery here

Take your workstation vertical

Mounted wall cubes are a stylish way to take workspace storage to new heights. Our work with superannuation firm HUB24 saw us take employee workstation storage to another level, with carefully positioned storage units placed at the end of each workstation pod.

See our HUB24 delivery here

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