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The latest in eco office trends

With sustainable design and eco-friendly offices growing more and more popular, here are some new offerings ready to inject a little more green into your office.

The Urban Composter is a small food scrap system perfect for any office kitchen, while Eco Office offers a swag of green office products – all at the click of a button.

Most offices have a favourite local coffee shop, but did you know that many cafes are now offering discounts (often around 50 cents) to those who bring in their own mug or Keep Cup? Frank Green’s two-tone reusable coffee cups are a stylish and eco-friendly addition to any office kitchen.

Clean Conscience from Tasmania offers eco cleaning products for offices that are chemical free and not tested on animals. These are a great alternative to off-the-shelf cleaning products that may be creating a lot of environmental harm.

Going paperless isn’t new, but it’s certainly gained traction over recent years. With laptops, tablets and smartphones as light and small as they are today – taking notes on screen is often a quicker, more sustainable way to reduce your carbon footprint.

And finally…there’s plants, purifying your office and bringing loads of wellness benefits to your teams.

A1 Office can help with you all your plant needs offering long-living, hardy and beautiful plants perfect for any design-conscious office.

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