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Energy saving.

Say bye to office bill shock with these workplace energy saving tips

Australian businesses are big when it comes to energy use. So big in fact, that the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that business expenditure on electricity is now more than $20.2 billion a year.

With electricity bills on the increase again, that already huge figure is again set to balloon, so here are some quick and easy ways to stop bill shock from hitting your office:

Tip #1: Invest in laptops & LCDs: Did you know that laptops and LCD screens use much less power than desktop computers? Next time you’re considering a computer switch, consider laptops instead. Smaller screens also save power.

Tip #2: Forget the screensaver: Contrary to popular belief (and their actual name!) – computer screensavers do not save power at all. You’ll need to get your tech team looking at automated power-downs instead, where tech support professionals can set your office devices to automatically turn off after a set period of time – usually around 10 minutes.

Tip #3: Set a ‘switch off’ routine at the end of the day: If your office commits to saving energy, a great way to do this is to turn off all machines at the end of the day. Photocopiers, printers and other equipment can very easily be switched off and start saving your office dollars.

Energy Australia has a range of advice for Australian businesses here

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