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The rise of writeable walls – good use of office space or just plain messy?

The wall is definitely the workplace’s latest collaboration canvas.

There’s your start-up offices studded in colourful post it notes dedicated to some kind of organisation for their agile work, then there are the corporate heavyweights with entire floors and every wall licked in whiteboard paint.

But does all of this on-show collaboration actually increase productivity? Or does it make for a messy office where employees are feeling a little overwhelmed?

There’s a reason good design focuses on providing white space – and it’s no different for offices.

So if you’re thinking about turning your office walls into an on-show notebook, here are a few tips to help you keep your working environment calm and motivated…not overwhelming.

  1. Set a wipe-off deadline…every few days

Agree on a 2 or 3-day time limit for every writeable wall, and let the rest be referred to via photos on people’s phones in future. This also frees the wall up for other staff. No wall monopolies here!

  1. Invest in the best markers or chalk

Don’t go cheap here – aim for the best and you’re least likely to leave lifelong marks. It even has a term now: ‘Whiteboard ghosting’! To avoid walls of wisdom past, we love the AusPen eco range – refillable, planet-friendly and easy-to-wipe off, too! We also love Writeyboard’s neon liquid chalk range.

For those with the blackboard paint, we like EC’s dustless, coloured chalk range.

  1. Leave some corporate culture cheer – not just graphs and scribble

In among the serious business projections & strategy sessions, a little message of support for a project or team can always lighten an employee’s load – making for better motivation & productivity.

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