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2018 Workplace Report shows total office space stays same, but flexibility is on the rise

Ted Moudis and Associates in the US has released its 3rd annual Workplace Report, focusing on office design trends.

According their report, employee experience is the central theme of the year, with business shifting their workspaces to better reflect employee needs.

Gone are the static desk areas with a 1:1 employee ratio, and in their place a suite of multi-use seating (and standing) spaces have arrived.

‘Focus seats’ in small areas, hidden out of view are becoming popular places for employees to complete deadline tasks, before they return back to their collaborative work area and the opportunities those bring.

Dedicated wellness spaces, cafes, and employee pantries are on the increase, channeling the home life/work life feeling in the knowledge that comfortable employees are happy employees.

Read the report here and contact us if you’d like to know more about how we can help you flex your workspace.

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