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AI, VR, AR – getting your office design right for the impending arrival of smart technology

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality…no they don’t just live in Silicon Valley anymore.

In fact, these new technologies are coming to workspaces across the world right now, promising us the holy grail of an easier, more effective workday. But what can these technologies do for an everyday workplace?

And how are offices now being designed to be ready for the day their virtual/real-world spaces collide? Here are three tips to future proof your office design for future tech:

The rise of the white walled empty nook

This space is key to creating a future-proof, tech-ready office. Plain white walls are a perfect backdrop for projecting augmented objects. This space needs to be ready to take 3D projections onto your office floor, anytime.

Scannable walls

Your wallpaper or collage is no longer just wall art, there to spruce up the office wall. It could soon become a mix of hidden, regularly changing employee-noticeboards, corporate performance measures and employee culture messages. These are swapped out by your leaders or employees at will, and scanned by your employees on their devices.

Leadership email, no more! Just scan the light bulb in the wallpaper to get the video of your innovation lead’s thought of the day.

Better acoustics designed to help virtual voice assistants

Siri just turned super-smart meeting note-taker, capturing every minute, getting the speaker right, and sending straight to your device before the meeting has even ended! Designing for better acoustics is key to helping voice assistant technology do its part for business effectiveness.

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