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World’s best workplaces: Designing to support employee focus, collaboration, community and privacy

Want to know what the world’s best workplaces look like?

Leesman recently released its World’s Best Workplaces 2017, examining how they deliver outstanding employee experiences.

Last year, Leesman independently assessed more than 117,103 employees in 813 workplaces worldwide.

It found the very best workplaces were ones where employee-centred design was key. They had versatile fitouts that inspired employees to both focus and to collaborate.

The world’s best workplaces are 100 per cent mindful of the mood they set for their employees, and how they can best support their people to achieve, innovate, deliver and…have a good time.

Two Australian companies made the world’s best list – Lendlease and Cushman & Wakefield – which is truly impressive when considering this is the global stage.

Here are some recent A1 Office deliveries that provide versatile and flexible to help employees to get the most out of their days – no matter the task they are working on.


From beanbag meeting rooms, to open space working areas for plug-and-go employees, this A1 Office delivery is all about flexibility first.

See our HUB24 workspace transformation

Bold meets Boho

This recent delivery for a national healthcare organisation is versatile by nature. Dotted with nooks and featuring wide open multiuse spaces, this workspace can quickly shift to meet the changing needs of the work day.

See our Bold meets boho delivery

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