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Workspace transformation of the month: PNO

PNO had looked at a few of the projects we previously delivered before giving us the brief. They wanted to have a space that’s fun, cool and unique. They wanted to be bright, earthy and homely. Luckily, the site was a corner site with a large window so we knew form the beginning that we like to utilise the corner to create a breakout zone with seating.

Different to many other businesses, PNO didn’t need a reception. They have very little focus on reception so we have created an entry which was more of a greeting point for staff. The journey was about how the staff travel through the space and utilise the space.

Reception area was a greeting/seating area for the staff in the morning. Curve wall greeted you into the workspace. As soon as you walk in, there is an accessible meeting rooms to use. Functionally the workspace is open plan with large focus on greeneries. We suspended greeneries where we could (from the ceiling). The greeneries kind of drawing the office area into the breakout space. So when the velvet curtains opens up at the breakout area the whole space feels like one. Breakout area consumed the heart of the space and took a big part of the space.

We have selected the colour and the materials to reflect Earthy, homely, welcoming and approachable look and feel of the space. PNO sells life insurance and their staff is on phone all day to sell insurances. It’s a hard job to do and the company very much respects their staff (provide adjustable desks etc). Their strategy is to create a workspace that feels like home so their staff feel more comfortable working in the environment and deliver results.

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