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How much office space do you actually need?

office space
A1 Office Design Director: Dana Moussaoui

The amount of space your business needs is often the key first decision when thinking about an office transformation.

But how much floor plate you actually need may not be what you think.

A1 Office Design Director Dana Moussaoui shares her expert advice about the right kind of office size.

Q: How do most businesses begin to think about the office size they need?
A: The space we require for office space is often hinged on the past and not the future. That’s because we see what we see, and know what we know. But when it comes to business growth and ongoing success, we really need to think about the future, and begin discussing space from that standpoint.

Q: How often should businesses think about their space requirements?
A: Organisations have businesses to run and obviously need to prioritise their day-to-day work. But smart workplaces know to keep a regular eye on office space requirements – knowing the impact this can have on an employee’s ability to do their job and overall office culture and productivity. Office space and set up is often an ongoing discussion in many successful organisations, as part of a constant occupational strategy, not only when there is an office re-design.

Q: Is there a trend for bigger or smaller-sized offices?
A: With technology changing the way we work, there are some organisations reducing their floor plate as more employees chose to work flexibly both in and away from the office. Where once two employees equaled two desks, today. Those two employees may desk share and work from home those remaining days. That’s for fixed offices. But then there are workplaces crating larger hot-desking areas – again for those flexible employees and bigger, more adaptable spaces that can serve as meeting rooms or open collaboration areas. The answer to this question is both – it is entirely based on the individual needs of your organisation and the kind of employee culture you have.

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