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Tips to help your office plants thrive – from ‘it’ moss walls to planters

Moss walls are springing up like 2019’s new vertical garden, and office plants are now turning our workspaces greener than ever before.

It’s no surprise, given the positive effect plants bring to us as we work – reminding us of the outside and being in nature. They provide calmness and inspiration and have rightfully earned their newly minted status in most offices.

But green can sadly – and a little too easily – turn to brown without the right care, so here are our tips for keeping office plants happy plants.

Tip #1: Remember to dust

A build-up of dust can clog the pores of the leaves, blocking sunlight and prevent transpiration from happening. Worse still, they can start to die. The key is to wash the leaves regularly in lukewarm water, giving them the best chance to thrive inside.

Tip #2: Don’t overwater…or under-water (of course!)

Many plants die from overwatering, so it is important to get your watering right. Push your finger into the soil, down to your knuckle, and if the soil feels dry, water the plant and if it feels moist, don’t.

Tip #3: Keep them away from the firing line of heaters and air conditioners

These devices can place plants under undue stress, especially when a cold room is suddenly blasted with warmth. Don’t burn or freeze your plants by keeping them positioned well away from heaters or in the line of heavy air flow.

Office plants are a vital ingredient to many successful offices, and are worth the little care they need to create a healthy and happy workplace.

Take a look at this fact sheet from Gardening Australia about caring for your indoor plants.

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