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Workspace transformation of the month: It’s game on at Group Four

A Monopoly-inspired entrance, amphitheater/golf area and a beautiful kitchen fit for staff get-togethers…whoever said work isn’t meant to be fun never met the team at Group Four.

Founded in 1999, Group Four is known for offering exceptional customer service and quick turnaround to builders and home buyers to make sure their new homes are built to the correct standards.

Having outgrown their former office, the Melbourne and Perth-based building surveyors turned to A1 Office to create a new Melbourne headquarters that both rewards, supports and motivates staff, while also wowing visiting clients.

Workspace transformation at Group Four
Fom left: Brad Burton, Director & Co-Founder of Group Four
and Michael Madeira, CEO of Group Four

‘We spend more time at work than at home, so why not have a wonderful space that you look forward to coming to?’ says Brad Burton, Director & Co-Founder from Group Four, ‘Having a range of facilities available for our team to use breaks down boundaries and lets everyone have a bit of fun together. It means we all get to know each other on a more personal level than just work.

In this Q&A feature, we had great pleasure to sit down with Brad and chatted about how experience-driven workspaces change the behaviours of their staff; and his enthusiasm for Monopoly.

How has your new workspace positively impacted your business?
B: The abundance of natural light was probably one of the first things that people really noticed. It just gives an instant feeling of positivity and helps to get through the day – particularly long afternoons! A1 did a great job, at playing on the natural light, the meeting spaces in particular being designed in glass allows for the light to bounce around.

Amazing Workspace transformation at Group Four

The glass meeting spaces, provide a visual element of transparency. With honesty as one of our core values it’s important to represent that as well as continue with an open plan office as we had previously.

What has been the reaction from your employees?
B: The team feel really proud of the space, they’ve loved being able to not just share it with each other, but also to be able to show our clients. Wanting to share it externally demonstrates how truly proud they are of where they work.

It’s amazing to have a custom office that’s designed around your existing culture and allows it to be amplified. For example, our beautiful big kitchen has made our celebrations/morning teas much more comfortable with the island bench and large tables.

The meeting spaces, including the small ones scattered throughout the office, have provided more space to work collaboratively. The Fairway room that’s designed like a small amphitheatre, has provided a great space for training sessions. This casual meeting space was something the team really wanted, so it’s been well utilised.

Open space Workspace transformation at Group Four

What have your clients and visitors had to say?
B: Really positive! From the moment they walk in they’re in awe of how fantastic the space is. It’s impressive and even the workstation areas are bright, light and modern with the minimalist sound barriers, so it doesn’t have that traditional office feel.

It feels comfortable, like you’re in a Melbourne café, not in an office. It’s a really comfortable space, clients can sit at the island bench while you get them a drink and it’s got a really nice feel about it.

What is it about Monopoly that you wanted to capture in your new workspace?
B: Both Founding Directors are fans of the game and believe it to be a great teaching aide on how the “economic” machine works.


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