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Can office security and safety be design-friendly? Of course it can!

From turnstiles, to wall-mounted cameras and employee access pass readers at lifts – security and safety is a highly noticeable and key feature of many an office.

Until recently, security was too-often considered an add-on to many an office. Who hasn’t been in an amazing office where a fantastic painting, mural or otherwise perfect space has fallen victim to a fire hydrant or haphazardly placed security camera? You’re organisation is trying to set a tone of excitement and inspiration with some beautiful art – yet all you can do is feel like Big Brother is watching.

Fortunately, there has been a recent effort by security and safety systems manufacturers across the world to create ‘blended’ security and safety systems, where equipment can now be customised to meet the aesthetics of your workplace.

When it comes to turnstiles and building access barriers, there is a new trend toward in-glass lighting that is a stylish addition to many modern office entrances. Take a look at the EA Swing Lane Speed Gate for inspiration

For fire extinguishers and fire hose reels, take a look at this brand new workspace of Group Four Melbourne Headquarter, designed and built by A1 Office. The design “Monkey wearing an earphone” is a stylish and modern way to house this necessary equipment in your office.

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