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Top tips to preparing your office for the Xmas shutdown

The last day in the office before the Christmas break usually involves a little gift swapping, a merry get-together and a locked door about 2pm.

A great way to end the year on a high, but quite possibly a terrible way to start the New Year the same way when bins are left full, dishes unwashed and plants unwatered.

Here are our top tips on how to get your office through the Xmas holiday without killing your plants or returning to some rather unpleasant odours or rodent guests…


Keep your office greenery green by divvying up the workload and each taking a plant home for the break. Even if you are going away yourself, leaving it in your yard or on your balcony will ensure it gets the sun it needs and a little rain or hose water, too.

Have a pre-break team clean

Minimise what you need to do on your last day at the office, by scheduling a session in the few days before. Set aside an hour or an afternoon to clean out what you no longer need and set things right for the New Year ahead.

Remove the rubbish

A week or two is a long time for food scraps and other waste to stagnate, so ensure you remove rubbish from all office bins. Cleaning all dishes is also essential.

Fridge clean out

Nobody wants to return to work and be faced with the odours of a fridge full of three-week old meals and milk. Make it a priority to give your fridge a pre-break clean to make your office a great place for staff to return to.

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