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How to incorporate your brand into your office

By now, we all know that brands are so much more than words and fonts and colour palettes.

An organisation’s brand is the reason they exist. It’s how customers and clients talk about the business when they’re not in the room. Brands are people, culture, innovation and often joy.

Putting your brand on show throughout your office is an important way of subliminally reminding employees, clients and customers about your purpose – and yes, the reason you exist. It’s motivating, inspiring and grounding.

Here are our top tips for making your brand sing in your office, without a branded coffee mug in site.

  • Create a fit-out that fits

Brands are, ultimately, all about people and their needs.

And those people start with your workforce – the best brand ambassadors any business can have. Providing your staff with the right kind of workspace is key to employee happiness, and, of course, innovation and productivity.

Do staff need dedicated desks or simply a place to stand or sit with a laptop? Could they benefit from a few un-bookable phone booths dotted among the larger meeting rooms? Could flexible spaces be the key? Talk to all staff before any new fit-out and you may just be surprised by the answers they provide.

  • Set the right tone through decor

From calming classic and neutral walls to bright murals…walls don’t necessarily need to be the colour of your brand, but do need to promote the mood you want your customers and clients to feel. Furthermore, they do also need to work with your brand visuals. You may choose furnishings or light fittings in your brand palette, or various decorations or supplies. Ensure your walls and furnishings allow your branded pieces to pop and draw attention – no matter how small or innocuous they may seem.

  • Superstar your clients and customers

Big quotes on the wall lifted from feedback from a happy customer, thank you notes on display, photos of people with your products…these motivate your employees to continue to push for innovation and excellence. We do, by human nature, love making people feel happy.

Of course, have your staff photos on display, but your clients and customers are, again, the reason you exist – so make them a centrepiece and a constant reminder of why you do what you do.

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