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Tips for a successful office move

New and improved offices are fantastic for businesses as they grow and reach new heights, but office moves can also create a little extra chaos for already busy employees.

Here are our top tips for ensuring your next office move is a smooth one.

  • Hold a staff meeting about the move as early as possible

Depending on the size of your organisation, you may involve everyone, or just a few key people.

The key is to ensure there is clarity about what is happening and roughly when – even if exact timelines aren’t yet known. This meeting is a great opportunity to have broad-ranging and open conversations about a range of things. For example, what goes and what stays, time and resources set aside to help employees and to set up processes to help employees. Creating a checklist for employees to work through is a great idea.

  • Nominate a move co-ordinator

Overseeing the logistics for an office move is incredibly important. Appoint a dedicated move co-ordinator, or a small team of co-ordinators if you are a larger organisation.

Coordinators are key when it comes to arranging everything from boxes for staff, to removalists.

They’re the ones who will ensure utilities are up and running at the new workspace and that ICT is ready to go. These key people play the most important role in any office move, providing a point of contact for employees to ask questions and resolve issues.

  • Continue to communicate

When it comes to office move, things can quickly change including dates and times of the move itself. Keep open lines of communication with employees at all times, and ensure out-of-office staff, too, are kept in the loop at the same time. Create a timeline that you keep updated at all times for staff to view as they need.

Find out more about good communication during an office move in an article by The Spruce. Read more

  • Dedicate office time for everyone to prepare

An afternoon kicked off with a shared team lunch and emails on out of office sets a great tone for packing boxes, binning and recycling and giving your old office a small tidy as you exit.

  • Give appropriate time for new office set up

It’s important to provide employees with a suitable amount of time to unpack and find new homes for their office supplies, while also accounting for additional ICT set-up time. Giving employees the time they need to work through any issues sets a positive tone for the new workspace and one that will translate into quality work.

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