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Creating the perfect multi-generational workspace

A1 Office Design Director – Dana Moussaoui recently spoke with Commercial Property Guide about her experience creating workspaces to suit every generation.

The article, Golf Anyone? How offices are being designed to suit every age shared her expert views on designing for workspaces with employees ranging from 18 into their 60s.

Ms Moussaoui shared A1 Office’s recent Group Four workspace transformation as an example of designing for a multi-generational workforce.

The fun golf simulator/staff amphitheatre and Monopoly wall art was the brainchild of baby boomer executives, yet has been embraced by employees of all ages.

“The thing is that we’re finding those bridges between the younger and older generations (don’t exist) because everyone has the child within them,” Ms Moussaoui says.

“I haven’t seen any resistance – the older generation is embracing the fun and driving that push for the understand of new technology as well.”

Read the full Commercial Property Guide article here: Golf anyone? How offices are being designed to suit every age

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