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How to bring Marie Kondo moments to your office: Tips for ‘tidying up’

Netflix star Marie Kondo is the world’s undisputed queen of tidying up. The Japanese organisational expert has risen to fame over recent years for her pragmatic approach to tidying, delivered via her KonMari method

Marie believes tidy spaces spark joy in individuals, making happier environments and a happier society.

With households worldwide now turning to Marie to transform their homes, we’ve taken a look at how KonMari can be utilised to improve offices, too.

Tip 1: Commit yourself to tidying

Tidying can be difficult to fit into already busy work schedules, where day-today tasks take precedence. But scheduling in a realistic time to commit to tidying is worth it, according to Marie. Try for when you first arrive at the office, before you power up your PC. Time dedicated to making your space more orderly makes you more efficient, more productive, and ultimately a better employee for your workplace.

Tip 2: Discard and discover joy

Marie’s tip is to focus on what to keep, rather than what to throw away, which is the common approach most of us take to a clean-out. If your desk is a warzone, pick up each item on it, one item at a time. Look at it, hold it and make a decision based on its usefulness. Hard copies of documents that can (or already have been) digitised can be let go as a general rule, Marie says. Even office items can spark joy if they are useful, she says. It’s just a matter of working out what actually is.

Tip 3: Tidy by category

A common approach to tidying by location is wrong, Marie says. Deciding to clean your entire desk, from shelves to filing cabinets and the desktop itself can sometimes be a time-consuming task. But break it down into categories, Marie says. Tidy your space around you by category, instead, such as ‘papers’ and then ‘sentimental items’. Breaking your tidying down into smaller tasks makes it easier to accomplish – particularly if you are time poor. Space out your category tidying as your time permits and you will begin to see real and positive changes in the tidy workspace around you.

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