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Trend alert: The shift to embrace ‘homeyness’ in commercial spaces

As employees look for workspaces that make them feel comfortable and motivated, a move toward creating a feeling of a home is being embraced in offices across the world.

Here are our top tips for bringing a touch of home into the office.

Comfy chairs for break areas

When shopping for home furniture, comfort is always key when it comes to lounge spaces. And the best thing is, that comfort doesn’t need to be compromised for office furniture, either.

Often, the beautiful design goes hand-in-hand with comfort, so ensure stylish yet comfortable furniture is prioritised for any breakout space.

Bright and light décor

We love our homes to be bright and light and to radiate positive energy. Offices are no different and deserve the same level of attention when it comes to setting the right tone for your workplace. Having light colours rugs, paint, furniture and other decor is a great way to introduce homely vibes to a workplace.

Even straying away from company colours is ok, it is about finding a tasteful and light palette that compliments your business.

Making it personal

Photos, kids art and loved travel trinkets do have a place in modern workspaces. Personal touches and reminders of happy times have a great impact on employee motivation. These can be displayed in keeping with your office aesthetic, with suitable frames and boxes.

Selecting artwork

Tastes among employees will no doubt differ, however discussing office art together before a purchase is a great way to look for common themes.

With art’s power to inspire, it’s important to invest in pieces that meet those needs. Find out more in this blog: How to choose amazing art for your business.

If you would like to find out more about bringing a touch of home to work, contact us today.

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