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Creating a space fit for office pets

With more and more employers allowing staff to bring their dogs to work, here’s how you can help make your workspace cater to canine friends while maintaining your office feel.

Check for support among colleagues

Some people are allergic to pet fur or don’t feel comfortable around animals for cultural or other reasons. Even if your company policy says it’s ok, it’s important to check with colleagues around you before you bring your furry friend into work.

Dog beds and desks

Dogs like to be beside their owners, so a bed beneath or next to your desk is an ideal place for them to rest while you work. Owners can consider looking for a bed that fits with the office décor and style – to keep the overall feel of the office prevalent. There are several bed options including soft plush beds as well as more structural frame beds. 

Careful with cords and bins

Dogs may trip up on cords and knock over open bins as they familiarise themselves with the office environment. Try and keep cords taped down and bins tucked away, and keep food scraps disposed of in the kitchen away from pets. 

Food and water

Set up some bowls near their bed or in a nearby corner. It’s a good idea to keep dogs away from the office kitchen and food smells that may over excite them. There are many stylish food and drink bowl options. Check out the Mog & Bone ceramic bowl for some inspiration.

Find out more in this article by the RSPCA: What should I consider before taking my dog to the office?. Here at A1 Office, we are passionate about creating the perfect workspace for you whether that involves pets, we can create custom joinery and apply specific considerations to suit.

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