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Controlling costs during an office design and fit out project

While exciting, workspace transformations can also be a nervous time for businesses. If your business is growing and it’s beyond time to consider new lodgings, here are some tips for controlling costs during this time.

Tip for saving #1: Use a single supplier

Packaging your new office design and fit out together and having the entire project delivered by one company is a clear cost saver.

Not only is there now one of everything where there used to be two (think Project Managers), but this single person also has an intimate knowledge of both design and construct ends of their business. They are therefore more efficient in scheduling your project, purchasing and constructing and faster to problem solve and overcome any challenges.

A1 Office offers end-to-end design and constructs solutions – with our in-house joinery located right alongside our designers and managers. This ensures we deliver exceptional projects every time, while also saving our clients both time and money.

Tip for saving #2: Stick to the plan

Ensure you are 100% on board with all elements of the project plan and design when you sign it off as approved and final. Changing decisions and direction within a project can lead to time delays and increased costs. Even seemingly small changes can have a much larger knock-on effect when it comes to sourcing new supplies and changing staffing schedules.

Getting the plan right and sticking to it is key to keeping costs down.

Tip for saving #3: Safety first, from the start

Working with a professional design and fit out supplier from the start of your workspace transformation will help ensure you don’t make any early mistakes that may cost you later. Adhering to building codes and safety standards from the start is key.

Proper placement of fire extinguishers, sprinklers, security systems and non-slip flooring is vital from the start. Retrofitting safety items into an almost-complete workspace can be very costly, duplicating work and requiring extra fit-out time.

Tip for saving #4: Think up and down for the long-term

When it comes to flooring, carpet tiles are a great way to replace small damaged sections of carpet in future, instead of needing a full replacement. If practical, consider these in your workspace transformation. For ceilings, LED lights are energy efficient and will save you money in the long run.

A1 Office has decades of experience in providing end-to-end workspace transformations that help businesses grow and thrive. If you would like to find out more, contact us

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