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Winter is coming…preparing your office for the stormy season

Not only is Game of Thrones back on our screens and enthralling audiences across the globe for the final time, but winter actually is coming…

Dripping umbrellas and soaked coats begin propping against every wall and chair, the entrance area is constantly mopped to prevent slip hazards and tissue boxes are strewn across every desk.

But the rainy months don’t need to be a sodden and gloomy time for workplaces. With a little preparation, your workspace can thrive through the coldest of times.

 Tip 1: Create convenient storage spaces

An umbrella box too far from the entrance, and a coat stand located too far from the door or employee’s desks will inevitably quickly find themselves empty, as already time-poor people look to quickly set about their work day or efficiently head home.

Place storage spaces at the most convenient places for employees to most efficiently start and end their days, and they will be used.

Consider leaving two office umbrellas in the box for people to use as they please for lunch or when they head out to meetings.

The Lonna Umbrella Stand in oak is a perfect addition to any light and bright office, both circular and stylish.

When it comes to coats, we like this wall based coat hanger by Menu. Minimalist in design and located close to the front door or main workspace entrance, this is a perfect modern solution to winter-proofing your office.

Tip 2: Do a pre-winter floor assessment

Noticed any slippery areas? These will only get worse with wet shoes. If there are doorways and entrances prone to getting a little wet, look at some non-slip mats and surfaces before winter really arrives.

The Flynn stainless steel floormat with copper is a great way to ensure employees and visitors make a safe entrance while experiencing a little wow-factor.


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