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The important role of effective office bathroom design

More than ever before, workspace amenities are playing an important role in boosting employee happiness and wellness.

With onsite gyms, yoga spaces and bicycle parking now featuring in many larger workspace transformations, the need for improved amenities has continued to rise.

In addition to helping workplaces promote cycling to work and lunchtime workouts, improved commercial bathrooms also provide employees with additional ease throughout their workday.

Here are some of our quick tips for getting your next workspace bathroom right:

Tip 1: Make enough room for employees

Putting some care towards catering towards the practicalities of staff is key to keeping people happy at work.

This means enough power sockets and bench space employees to lay out any devices, creams, toothbrushes they need.

Including at least one floor to ceiling mirror is also vital, and having a wall mounted ironing station is very helpful for those who cycle or walk to work, or those who head straight from the office to dinner events.

Tip 2: Think storage systems and clothes drying solutions

Be it lockers or hooks, workspace bathrooms can get crowded, so be sure to think practical storage from the start. People are going to need somewhere to air wet towels and to dry gym clothes.

The ASKO drying cabinet is a stylish alternative to towels and clothes strewn over every office bathroom surface. A sleek and versatile appliance that boasts a spacious 16m of hanging space, this is a truly modern laundry solution that represents the height of contemporary style and convenience, and also uses much less energy than a typical tumble dryer.

Providing a drying cabinet also enables you to decrease individual locker sizes, especially if space is at a premium. For lockers, keep an eye on ergonomics and safety and don’t go too low for the bottom row or too high for the top.

Tip 3: Be sustainable

There are so many eco-friendly bathroom products on offer today, that this is a really easy way to keep your workspace sustainability credentials top of mind among employees and visiting clients.

Thankyou offers a wide range of affordable, and well-packaged bathroom products that go toward ending global poverty. Thankyou commits 100% of its profits to its charitable trust, which then distributes it to their impact partners to fund sustainable development projects that help end global poverty.

Who Gives a Crap? makes toilet rolls, with 50% of profits going toward building toilets and improving sanitation in the developing world.

Need more office bathroom design inspiration? Take a look at our gallery of recent office bathroom designs.

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