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End-of-financial-year: Quick office design buys to help you stay to budget

It’s fast approaching EOFY, and with it comes the usual scurry from business operations teams to balance the books against budget forecasts.
If you’ve suddenly discovered a little extra in your office kitty, but need to spend before June 30, here are some quick things you can do to improve your workspace without rescinding your budget.

Upgrade your greenery

From creating cleaner office air, to brightening up any workspace, office plants play a vital role in promoting employee wellbeing and happiness.

But before you head to your nearest nursery, take a look at what plants thrive best inside Australian offices: Better Homes and Gardens: Best Indoor Plants

Add a statement, custom-made piece

This may be the one chance you get to order that custom couch or new artwork that is going to wow visiting clients and inspire your employees. Think some bespoke lighting or reception furnishing could be the statement piece your office would love? A1 Office has an on-site joinery, with expert craftsmen able to bring any office dream to reality.

Up your sustainability game with a compact composting bin or new energy-efficient products

Food waste makes great fertilizer. Check out The Urban Composter for a range of stylish solutions suitable for any workspace kitchen.

Also, check out if your business is eligible for any additional rebates, such as for installing solar panels or purchasing eco-friendly air conditioners: Department of the Environment and Energy: Rebates

Take it to a vote

The best idea may be to take your remaining budget to the staff, and take an informal vote. Set clear parameters, for example let staff know if the spend needs to be 100% sustainable to help you meet your organisational goals.

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