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How smart office design can help beat workplace procrastination

Let’s face it, we’ve all had those days at work when we struggle to stop procrastinating and focus on what needs to be done. We are only human, after all. Once concentration levels drop, work can feel challenging to get back on track.

Procrastination can strike for a number of reasons, but if your office space has dim lighting and a lack of general activity, this may affect employee experience. It can lead to reduced productivity levels and make it harder for employees to get back on top of their tasks.

Our A1 Office team has come up with a few tips to help your workplace stay productive and achieve great results:

Consider changing colour scheme or artwork

Scientific studies have shown that including bright colours and artwork in the office can enhance our moods, increase our creativity levels and make us more productive.

Primary colours such as green and blue improve our efficiency at work and also makes us feel less stressed, as opposed to intense and alarming colours, such as red.

Art can be inspiring for a variety of reasons, including spreading positivity and lowering stress levels. It can also help communicate key brand messages in a sophisticated non-verbal way.

For example, art using your brand colours helps employees sub-consciously connect with the bigger company purpose. Our A1 Office headquarters are modern with dark tones, which represent the colours of our brand.

On another hand, art that is based in various ethnic traditions can help highlight inclusive and diverse workplaces.

Find the combination of colour hues and energy levels you are trying to achieve and lift these through refreshed office walls, or art that connects with employees and doesn’t just take up wall space.

 Bring nature in

When we bring nature into the workplace, ambiance increases largely. It’s proven that workplaces with natural embellishments achieve lower stress levels, improve cognition, increase healthy mood stability and raise productivity. Go for elements such as potted plants, full indoor vertical gardens or consider installing wood panelling to achieve the ‘outdoors but in’ effect.

Rooms and spaces that feature natural sunlight are the number one factor in raising workplace productivity – above any of the arcade games and ping pong tables current workplaces install to enhance employee enjoyment and inspiration.

See how we brought the outside in for our recent workspace transformation for Baptist Union of Victoria. Click here to find out more.

 Working well

Employee wellness initiatives aren’t just trends. They have a key role to play in keeping employees grounded to their sense of self and purpose, and in keeping the workday moving.

Flexible spaces that shift with ease from meeting room to lunchtime yoga space to colleague celebrations have multiple benefits. First, they provide workers with areas for time out, and secondly, they don’t take up valuable time in room set up. Where employees may have once spent entire afternoons in room set-up activities, they are now able to achieve these tasks with the tap of the button or the swing of a curtain, and can then quickly resume their day-to-day work.

A1 Office is proud to create workspaces that boost employee productivity. If you’d like to find out more, contact us

Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

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