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5 Top Productivity Tips for Working from Home

While designing corporate shared workspaces to empower potential and productivity is our general activity, to assist the efforts in curbing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) A1 Office would like to share insights into how to make working from home productive.

Working from home options have existed for progressive companies for a while now, however this may be the first time companies are experiencing a distributed workforce by many of its employees at the same time. How to ensure you can work to your best potential in the home environment can be challenging.

The key to being productive at home is to create a space and structure that you repeat every day. Here are our tips to help you make the most of your home workspace:

  1. Claim your space- away from leisure.
    While it might be at the dining or kitchen table, ensure your workspace is away from your bed or couch or anywhere you have ‘down time’ (if this is possible). Mixing your workspace with leisure space can create difficulty in concentration and moreover, when you need that downtime you do not want to feel like you’re still ‘at work’. Having a separate space in your home to do your work and leave the work there is important to productivity and mental wellbeing.

  3. Stay connected and informed with technology.
    Meetings and chats with colleagues or clients do not have to stop, they just need to happen online. Technology like Zoom (for video meetings and conferences) and Slack (internal communications and messages) are great technologies that can help spur business as usual. Skype is another popular video meeting program, and software like Asana or Trello make organising work with your team online easy.

  5. Turn your commute into a routine.
    Working from home culls the time usually taken to commute to work so take this opportunity to put yourself in a quick routine for starting your day. Your commute to your home workspace may take a few minutes, but once there take a moment to get your ‘mindset’ right. A couple of minutes meditation on what you’d like to complete that day or completing a task from the night before is a good start. Having your morning coffee and checking your emails for the first 15 minutes may work best.Whatever you decide to do when you arrive in your home workspace, ensure you do this same routine at the same time, every morning and evening. When you clock off, leave work at work and end the day by ticking off items on your completed list or write what you’d like to achieve tomorrow. These small routines will have a big impact in creating and maintaining a daily structure.

  7. Keep notifications and distractions at a distance.
    Need to empty the dishwasher or put on a load of washing on? Stop right there – it’s possible to do but it’s not the time to do it just because you heard the beeps.
    The home environment has a way of demanding our attention to anything but work and so you need to be strict with yourself. Try to keep notifications and distractions at a distance. Do not respond.  Create a workspace away from your TV, snacks in the cupboard and social media to limit the temptations to distractions (wherever possible).

  9. Set Time limits.
    Set yourself rigid worktimes from the morning until the afternoon but take the breaks when you need them. Generally speaking people can focus on any given task for 90-120 minutes, after that we need a 15-20 minute break so we can recharge and get ready for the next task. During break time is when you can tend to all the distractions of the house, but keep it strictly within that 5-20 minute break time.


Following these five top productivity tips will help you create an empowering workspace from home by setting up a structure that will assist with routine and a productive environment.  If you would like to stay informed of our news and updates connect with us  on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

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