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A1 Office.

Not Business As Usual

A note from A1 Office CEO Jared Wade.

Just so you all know, we are not business as usual- and no one is. Usually everyone knows how they feel and how their life is travelling; now there is widespread uncertainty, and the COVID-19 situation is front of peoples minds globally and we know it!

In a changing world, we have made adjustments;

  • We are working from home.
  • We created staggered shifts to assist with social distancing
  • We’ve implemented small trade crews with new SWMS to monitor temperature and health and wellbeing. There’s no cross overs of people and trades to enable social distance. Site works will take longer as a result and all clients have fully understood this, we appreciate your support and patience during this time.
  • Communication to our team on our course of action has been quick to ensure they can breathe easy and have good mental health, I believe this is imperative
  • Made efforts to stay connected in isolation, isolation is not an island
  • We are working through a lot of work and to all our clients we would like to say thank you for your continued support and leadership in this time. Thank you for your understanding of extended timelines we look forward to completing your transformation and proving further why A1Office are continuing to be market leaders.

We wish everyone health and happiness as we embark in these uncharted waters and we believe in you, our market, and our people who have proven time and time again what makes everything great is – our people.

Jared Wade
A1 Office

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